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  • Abstract red wine patina triangles link bracelet measures 7.50"
  • 8mm faceted black onyx bead

To create truly unique jewelry, I use different acids, chemicals and even wine to achieve the many colors and patterns in my patinas. I never write any formulas down but have fun experimenting with my metals.

I use multiple coats of lacquer (both shiny and matte) to give depth and keep the patina from changing or touching your skin.

~Audrey Hoffman

Taking care of your copper jewelry:  This piece of copper jewelry is sealed and will keep its patina that it has. I polished the edges and if you want to shine them up use a polishing cloth that we have available in Accessories.


The Gemstone Onyx. ... Its most accepted gemstone definition describes a solid black Chalcedony, or a banded or layered black and white Chalcedony. The term Onyx is occasionally used to described any engraved stone with a solid color base, or it may describe any banded gemstone with parallel banding.


Onyx healing properties sheds light on your inner truth in meditation practice because it's a chance for a one-on-one with you and the universe. This dark and brooding quartz keeps the mind free of societal expectations and self-doubt, leaving just you and your authentic self to contemplate your existence within the vast universe.


Onyx can be found in Uruguay and bordering regions of Brazil, Afghanistan, India, Madagascar, Peru and the US. Baja California, and northwest Mexico were a major source for Onyx

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