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  • Oxidized copper punch hole necklace and pendant measures 2.25" x 1.25" with 3-8mm hematite cabochons set 
  • Includes oxidized 8mm hematite beads and 5 matte brushed copper tubes necklaces measures 18"
  • Strong oxidized copper magnet

This all stems from my husband Karl, who bought me a new 22 rifle and thought shooting the metal sheets would be great fun while creating a new look. Well sure enough I became a better marksman plus I make some wonderful jewelry with my own style and touch. We have had lots of fun trying different calibers of bullets and seeing how each hole affects the metal. It does require lots of sanding and polishing because of the rough edges made from the bullet.

I’ve hunted in Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado and have the largest Mule Deer mount in the family even though our son begs to differ on that.

~Audrey Hoffman

Taking care of your copper jewelry:  This piece of copper jewelry is matte finished and oxidized so it will keep its patina that it has. I polished the edges and if you want to shine them up use a polishing cloth that we have available in Accessories.


Because of its high iron content, the Hematite crystal stone meaning is associated with the ancient Greeks who used powdered Hematite to make a red pigment. Because of its intense blood-like shade when mixed with water, the Greeks named it 'haima,' the Latin word for blood. This mysterious stone with a silvery sheen is linked with the silver color ray, the shaded moonlight that mesmerizes with its bright and clear iridescence.


Hematite is also excellent for healing the body because it cleanses the blood and supports circulation, making it a must-have in your healing crystal tool kit. Use its warm, energizing vibes to jumpstart a sluggish nervous system and infuse your energy centers with a sense of newfound strength.


Gray Hematite is typically found in places that can have still standing water or mineral hot springs, such as those in Yellowstone National Park in North America.

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