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  • Copper high polished rolled cuff bracelet measures 7.5" inside circumference includes open end
  • Width is 1"
  • Copper when rolled is pliable so you can squeeze the cuff to fit better

I found that copper has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to ease pain caused by arthritis or inflamed joints.  Copper helps keep iron levels up and regulates blood flow for improved circulation.  I feel better when I'm working at my jewelry bench it helps with my hands and wrists.

I use a rolling mill, which I layered copper sheet with a textured sheet of steel that my husband has made.  This allows me to make different markings to get the pattern onto the metal. We roll it many times to get the texture that I like and then oxidize the metal to enhance the beautiful textures.

~Audrey Hoffman

Taking care of your copper jewelry:  This piece of copper jewelry is high polished and oxidized so it will keep its patina that it has.  If you want to shine it up just use a polishing cloth, which we have available under Accessories.

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