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  • Prairie clay hand formed and molded into a "buffalo people" with a raku style glaze adhered then torched in a wood fire
  • Sculpture measures 7.5" height x 4" width
  • Sinew belt cord and beads (clay and bone) with attached natural sagebrush wrapped with white leather
  • Hand painted red on braids
  • Sits on tan leather base that is attached to the sculpture
  • Artist signed

Robert Donovan Stroup

Robert grew up with the Lakota Indians affording him a deep understanding of their personalities and customs. He lives outside of Deadwood, South Dakota where he remains a fairly aloof artist. Robert creates his "buffalo people" with prairie clay from the historic badlands, he further personalizes them with different glazes and then adds unique costume adornments giving each character its own personality.


Sagebrush was used by Native Americans for ritual incense, shelter, cordage and baskertry. The fruits were use fresh, dried and pounded into a meal.  They are known to smudge their homes with sagebrush to chase away evil spirits.

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