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Karl W. Hoffman

Karl W. Hoffman was born in Frankfort, Germany, and raised on Cape Cod, with a longing to go west. After breaking his neck horseback riding, Karl had to give up a promising career in professional skiing. While recuperating, Karl took up silver-smithing, and then studied the construction and design of fine jewelry in New York City.

Karl W. Hoffman is an internationally recognized artist in gold, creator of fine art jewelry and precious metal sculpture. He has shown his artwork in some of the most prestigious galleries and museums throughout the country.

In search of a new and more creative outlet to enable him to grow in his world of art, translate and capture
more of life’s feelings, Karl took a new path, pursuing photography. He began by photographing his own jewelry. Looking through the camera was a natural progression and with years of design experience, composition came naturally, and the world became more meaningful. A self-taught professional photographer, and aside from his internationally acclaimed fine art images, Karl has freelanced in photojournalism, graphic design, commercial photography, crime scene photography, aerial intelligence photography for the military and published in U.S. News and World Report. Karl has recently finished a five- year documentary recording everyday life on the American/Mexican border, the last American frontier as it vanishes before us, for which he has been nominated for one international award and one national award in photojournalism.

Karl has recently lectured on the integration of photojournalism into multimedia reporting at the University of Paris.

Producing oil paintings from his photographs brings a new realm of interpretation to Karl’s work.

He brings this knowledge as well as his photography, steel sculpture, fine jewelry and oil painting to Art Gallery H a new and innovative contemporary gallery in Tubac, Arizona, which he owns with his wife Audrey.

“Blending art and adventure feeds the creative spirit. I have experienced many wonderful hours through this lifetime in observance and contemplation of the human race in regard to our very existence and the destiny of our soul. I have learned to appreciate both the horror and the beauty in our daily life. The task of translating this into simple art forms, so others may feel the beauty without the experience of pain is my gift back to humanity.”