"MAGIC HOUR" 24 x 72 Triptych Giclee`

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A giclee` is a high resolution digital exact reproduction on canvas made from the original painting. 

  • Size 24" x 72"x 1.5" triptych (three panels - each panel measures 24" x 24")
  • Canvas stretched on a 1.5" wood frame and gallery wrapped
  • Giclee` on canvas available in different sizes and prices please call the gallery (520) 820-7000

I am fascinated with creating light and color with paint.  I feel amazed when observing the colors of nature and want to bring these feelings into my canvases.  I want my paintings to be a visual meditation on light and color, drawing the viewer into a deeper relationship with nature.

I love to work with the luscious colors of oil paint.  Using brushes, oil paint, oil sticks, palette knives and rags.  I build up layers of paint on my canvas, creating a rich textured surface of broken colors.  With this layering process I'm able to achieve many subtle color combinations and contrasts, bringing a luminosity and glow to my paintings.

~Joy Huckins-Noss

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