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  • Oxidized satin finish brass sterling silver cuff bracelet measures 7" inside circumference includes open end
  • Width is .75"
  • Brass is pliable so you can squeeze the cuff to fit better

I thought about this process when my husband, Karl gave me some sterling silver that had splashed on the sides of the casting box. You can sometimes carefully extract the metal if it’s not too thin.  He laid some of this on my jewelry bench and thought I might like to try creating with it, which sent my head in a whirl of designs.  It lay there for some time until I was designing a link bracelet and wanted it to be different on top.  When I started soldering the silver to my bracelet, I loved how the metal flowed. The abstract design along with the contrast of metals was so awesome and thus began another collection of my jewelry making.

~Audrey Hoffman

Taking care of your jewelry:  This piece of brass jewelry is satin finished and oxidized and the sterling silver is high polished it will keep its patina that it has.  If you want to shine it up just use a polishing cloth, which we have available under Accessories.

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